Pastor's Corner

“Prayer is the breath of the soul. It is the secret of spiritual power.”
~ Ellen White, Prayer, pg. 12.4



More and more, I have come to realize that my understanding of prayer is very one-sided. In fact, I believe many Adventists have almost entirely missed the other side of prayer. By this I mean, we talk a lot about how “prayer to God is like talking to a friend” and how much, “prayer changes our character.” While this is totally true, there's another aspect of prayer that we have been neglecting. The former deals with our personal growth and development, but the kind of prayer that I will introduce shortly deals with God’s will being done—it deals with waging war against the enemy’s plans. This kind of prayer is intercessory prayer that is fully conscious of the Great Controversy between good and evil. This kind of prayer recognizes that God’s plans will never be accomplished in the church (your local church) unless we are passionate and persistent in prayer. Because of this, my desire is for all of us to grow in our understanding of intercessory prayer, but not only that, for us to also apply the principles that we will discover from the Scriptures.

The only way our church will have that born-again experience and encounter with Jesus is through intercessory prayer. The only way our church will wield spiritual power is through corporate intercessory prayer. God is waiting on us to pray individually yes, but yea, even more so corporately, to give Him permission to break down the strongholds of Satan in our lives and in the lives of our family members and community.

The enemy’s goal is to frustrate the plans of God—this he does successfully when we do not pray. However, God’s will is to derail the enemy’s plans, and this He can do when we pray—personally and corporately. Let’s pray!

In His Service,

Pastors Carvil & Alexandra



Pastor's Corner: Meet the Richards

Photo by Robert Dabney Jr.

Hello, as new pastors in this district we are so happy for the privilege to be called to serve in Pugwash. Please let us introduce ourselves.

Pastor Carvil Richards is originally from Jamaica and Alexandra is from Saskatchewan. We met at Andrews University where Carvil was doing his MDiv and Alexandra was MS in Community & International Development. She ended up adding a MA in Youth & Young Adult Ministry. We were married in May of 2017 and are growing in the love and grace of Christ in our marriage. We both enjoy outdoor activities such, walking, hiking, and cycling and it’s Alexandra’s hope that Carvil will learn how to swim in Nova Scotia.

Carvil is passionate about preaching and has started a peer-preaching group in the seminary where he mentors fellow students on all types of preaching: expository, narrative, evangelistic, and prophetic. At the same time, Alexandra has a heartfelt desire for the churches to make an impact on their communities. Together, we are also enthusiastic about Bible study, multicultural ministry, sharing the word of God, small groups, fellowship, and discipling for Christ. Our desire in ministry is that through our leadership and lives people will see Jesus (John 12:21). We can’t wait to meet you!

For questions or comments, email Pastor Carvil Richards at